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Canadian English Writing Contest 2016 Excellent work(Secondary Group)


Student Name: Sourav Saha                 Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 1. It has often been said that “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Tell about an important journey (physical, emotional, and/or spiritual) that you’ve taken.


  When we are young, we always dream of what we would like to be in the future. I remember vividly that my dream was to become an astronaut. I thought that being an astronaut would be the best job in the world I would be able to explore outer space, bring innovative ideas to mankind. But most importantly, I would be able to become rich. As a child, my family was dirt poor, we would seldom have a full meal and we barely ad clean drinking water. I worked very hard, in hopes of becoming an astronaut but little did I know that this dream would be my life’s biggest regret.


  I was always the highest achiever in my class. While others would play around during recess, I would quietly sit in a corner and read a book. Despite my excellent grades, my classmates would never think good of me simply because I didn’t ‘fit in’. Nevertheless, I never steered off the direction of my goal, which was to be filthy rich. Year in and year out, I would obtain the highest scores and come first in form. I felt as if everything was going well and soon I would achieve my dream.


  Although I was doing well at school, I did not get along with my family. I would always argue with my parents over petty issues. Even when it was my mistake, I would never admit to it because my egocentric nature didn’t allow me to. Often times, I would just put the fault on our financial situation, which made my parents extremely sad.


  When high school came around, I was able to make a few friends who were also interested in reading. As usual, I would come first and no one even came close to my level. Whenever my friends suggested that we go out, I would refuse immediately because playing can wait, but studying cannot. My friends would question why I never liked to have fun. I told them my idea of fun was very different to theirs. I also told them I would only allow myself to have fun when I become rich.


  Over at home, my relationship with my parents gradually worsened. I would barely talk to them even when they were being nice to me. One day, my father was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. Despite his condition, I would never take the time to talk to him as I was too busy studying.


  Eventually, I got into a university of my choice. I even gave up the course of aerospace engineering, to pursue medicine, as I would be able to be richer. I was achieving excellent results even at university level. I thought nothing could go wrong at this point, as I was so close to achieving my dream.


  Suddenly on day, I got a call from my mother saying that my father died due to a stroke. At that particular moment, I felt as if my whole world had collapsed in front of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what my mother had just said. My father, despite all our differences, was an amazing person who only wanted good for me. But I never gave him the respect that he deserved. Even when he was sick, I never spent enough time with him. I couldn’t even cry at the time due to the immense emotional pain. I started to regret all the things I had done in my life.


  I always thought life was a destination where a person has work towards their goal and enjoy the rewards afterwards. That is the reason I worked endlessly to become an astronaut. I felt becoming rich was my destiny and that nothing else was important. I forgot that there were other important aspect in life (e.g. friends, family, etc.). I forgot to live in the moment and enjoy everything today, instead of waiting until I achieve my dream.


  We only have one life and we must seize every moment, in order to make life worthwhile. We should learn to appreciate others and show our gratitude, because we never know when life will end. We should never waste time to be upset because life is too short. In the end, life will come down to how we did it, not what we’re done and that is why life is a journey, not a destination.




Student Name: Chan Ching Ling, Jenny             Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 1. It has often been said that “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Tell about an important journey (physical, emotional, and/or spiritual) that you’ve taken.


  Is life a journey or a destination? It has often been said that “life is a journey, not a destination.” When I was young, I never agreed with this. I thought that there were only two kinds of life, a winner’s life and loser’s.


  Everyone wants to lead s successful and meaningful life, so do i. however, have you ever try to define the word “successful”? if “successful” only means being wealthy and famous to you, perhaps, you will learn from an important journey which I passed through years ago.


  “Boss, boss! What should we do now? The customers said that our food is unclean. Some of them are doubted whether that our food is safe to eat. What should we do?” asked Mary. Mary was a worker in my restaurants. She worked very hard before my restaurants closed down. Being hardworking and helpful, she was always my favorite employee four years ago, I was the chief executive of Delicious Restaurant, a reputational and blue-chip company. We sold various type of food, food form various places, including Japan and Italy. The food was made by consummate chefs and every customer would praise us after trying our delicious food. I was very happy because of what I had achieved and I always thought that I was the most successful person in the world.


  Whenever I met my friends, I would ten them thing’s about my company. Whenever I had gathering with my relatives, I would tell them the future plans of Delicious Restaurants in order to show off all I had. At that time, I always asked myself what I should do next and how should the restaurant develop in the future. What if one day I become the wealthiest restaurant owner in the world? Would I be interviewed by lots of international magazines? Perhaps, I would one day appear in the cover of the Economist! However, things were not going on well last year. The food in one my restaurants was found expired and unfresh. I kept thinking that it was ridiculous and ludicrous as my restaurants had always been one of the most reputed restaurants in the world. Guess what? Finally because of this, my restaurants were fined to close down. I remember that day was one of the worst days in my life. Being infamous and having nothing, I was very desperate and once thought of ending my life.

  During the worst part my life, I met my dear wife jane. Not only is she a good wife, she is also a good social worker and listener. Scarcely had she heard of my situation when she helped me. She taught me the real meaning of life. Life is not a destination but a journey. We always encounter bad things in our lives. What should we do when we face such a situation? Should we give up? No. should we end our lives because of this? Definitely not. We should stay positive and look on the bright side. Every cloud has a silver lining. Good things will happen if we stay positive and never give up.


  After talking to my wife and listening to what she said, I decided to start a new page of my life. I decided to seize the day and make my life extraordinary. With the help of my wife, we started another company, a company with the axiom of helping the poor instead of making money. We try our utmost to cook some delicious food and sell it to the poor at low prices every day. Whenever I see the happy faces hung on the poor when they but our food, I have the feeling that I have made my life meaningful and extraordinary.


  At this moment, what do you think life is? Is it still a destination to you? What does a successful and meaningful life mean? We all encounter difficulties and challenges in our lives. We should never give up when we encounter difficulties. Try new things and make your life meaningful and extraordinary.


  Life is like a box of chocolates. Take it, taste it and enjoy your journey every day.




Student Name: Naidu Ria                        Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 2

Write an essay convincing to break a specific habit that is harmful to their physical, emotional, and/or financial health.


  Excessive smartphone usage is becoming a serious problem among people nowadays. With rapid advances in technology, people have started to rely on their smartphones more than ever.


  Of course, smartphones help us make life easier, in terms of convenience, efficiency and even entertainment. However, excessive use of anything will lead to problems, and it’s the same with smartphones.


  Firstly, research has shown that excessive use of smartphone, makes people socially awkward. Smartphones do make communication more efficient, however, they also reduce face-to-face communication among people. Many people are able to communicate with others and confidently express their emotions, opinions or feelings through text messaging apps and social media, but when it comes to communicate in person, they suddenly become too shy, or don’t know what to say. why?


  The answer is simple, it’s because smartphones have made people so reliant on virtual communication, that many have forgotten the right way to have face-to face conversations. Face to face conversations are in fact very important. All school and job interviews are done face to face. Not only that, but we encounter people every day. Imagine being so reliant on your smartphone that you can’t even have a simple face to face conversation with your friends? Or not being selected for a job because of your poor social skills. is that really what you want for yourself?


  Secondly, excessive smartphone usage could lead to psychological problems, such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Many people rely on their smartphones too much, and use them for almost everything, from entertainment purposes to communicating with friends or family and even getting directions when lost. These people often believe that if they stop using their smartphone even just for a minute, they could miss out on some very important information. This causes them to constantly cheek their smartphone every minute, and feel restless and helper if they are unable to access their smartphones. This sort of behavior is known as OCD. What if you were so reliant on your smartphone that you couldn’t even tear your eyes off of it for a few minutes? Don’t you think that would greatly inconvenience you in terms of psychological health?


  Thirdly, over usage of smartphones could harm your physical health. Many smartphones were suffer from neck pains, bad eyesight or ever finger twitching. The neck pain from incorrect posture while using smartphones, while finger twitching occurs because many people subconsciously compensate for the times they are not using their smartphone by among their fingers. Bad eyesight is clue to strong at a small illuminated scene for a long period of time.


  As you can see, excessive smartphone usage leads to serious problems. If you, find yourself following a similar path, try and stop yourself or seek help from your family or friends. I’m not saying you should stop using your smartphone altogether, you should just limit yourself from relying on it too much. After all, prevention is better than cure.




Student Name: Chu Hon Ho                      Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 2. Write an essay convincing to break a specific habit that is harmful to their physical, emotional, and/or financial health.


Make up your mind!


  The fait that Hong Kong is a hustle, bustle and hectic city is beyond dispute. Workers are frustrated with their heavy workloads in such a materialistic city while students are exhausted in such a exam-oriented city. We need to chill out, don’t we? In that circumstance, the majority are indulged in the internet. It seems to be a sensible measure to cope with the pressure. I believe, however, the cons outweigh the pros.


  To start with, it will graduatelly invade and cause harmful effects to our body. Owing to the long period of time starting on monitor, you are believed to suffer from eye diseases. Needless to say, those electronic devices are radioactive. However, we always pay full attention on using computers or smartphones so we won’t notice that we are putting our health at risk. Day by day, there is a strong likelihood for our eyes to be negatively influenced and this will cause different realistic obstacles in our daily life. For instance, we will find words unclear during taking examination due to the deterioration of the eyes, always feel fatigued when we are working. Just imagine that how would your life be if you have not obsessed with the internet, then you will see my point. Without any doubt, our eyes are of paramount importance. Don’t ruin your glorious life!


  Apart from that, internet addition leads you to an abnormal lifestyle by hovering over your emotion. Have you noticed that people who are addicted to the internet always fly into rage easily? That’s the result of the internet obsession. Internet prompts instant satisfaction because people are able to receive messages and tasks right away they want. Sparing a lot of effort on accessing information, people are lack of patience. In the meantime, people are rude to the others as the result of the outbreaks of tempers and the lack of patience. Propriety is the second to none to link a relationship between each other’s. What will you feel if your friends frequently blame you for some negligible reasons? Of course you will feel disappointed and want to break down the friendship. You may have a gorgeous wish that you could manage your emotion, but you can definitely not control your mind once you have addicted to the internet. Internet addition is like drug addiction. It is hard to be done away with even you make a great endeavor.


  Come up next, internet addition can burn your money. It seems ridiculous right? I’m sorry but it is true. What you are indulged in should be the entertainments provided, instead of the computer itself. Take social platforms as an example, you will have desire to be a ‘VIP’ in order to use the advanced functions. Also, you will spend a huge expenditure on buying items in online games. Why? This is because you are chasing for the pride and triumph online. Once you are addicted to the internet, you will want to attain perfection in different aspect including the functions. Even worse, you won’t see the colour of your money before taking action. In light of this, you may suffer from financial problems.


  There are a lot of feasible means for you to deal with the heavy burden apart from spending time online. One of them is to find more activities to reduce the time for you to idle around. Exercising, reading or even singing are possible. If you are afraid to indulge in the internet, you are suggested to seek help from your parents or friends. They are always by your side and will remind, along with giving you a helping hand when you need.


  I’m not saying that we should dodge using the internet, but the fact is we have to make good use of it and balance our life without being carried away. Remember that our fate belongs to us. Let’s strive for a better life together!




Student Name: Ashley Lam Luen Kit               Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 3. Your grandmother is un familiar with computers and has never been on the internet. Write a letter to convince her to get a computer and get online.


Dear grandmother,

  How are you doing in Poland? I am Ashley and I am glad to relay the recent state-of-the-art technology devices I received from parents. It is the latest version of iMac, I couldn’t repress my exaltation as it is immensely helpful to both my academic use and leisure time.


  In today’s world of information proliferation, everyone needs a computer and get online so as to contact friends or families who live in other countries, what’s more, keep update to their twitter or Facebook. Otherwise, you will be alienated and marginalized. Ever since I was a ting toddler, I have been craving for an iMac because of its modern and brand new design. I thought it would be so hard to use, but only when you get used to it would you be able to handle it.


  Writing letter is an antiquated mode of communication, just like us, it takes ages for us to send and receive a letter when I am in Hong Kong, and you are in Poland. Acquiring a computer is vital, not only does it save time, but also allow s to facetime, which is an app for people to contact each other’s face to face. Pragmatically, a myriad of apps could shorten our distance and encourage us to talk more whenever we are doing, wherever we are going and whoever we are being with.


  Moreover, you can order food and clothes online. All you need is to type out the company’s website and search the products you want. There is a growing trend for the Hong Kong residents to do this. In this hustling and bustling metropolis, they couldn’t even squeeze some time to shop. As a result, they tend to order things online. In Poland, I believe, you have to drive at least half an hour to the supermarket and buy a parcel of food. If you need my advice and get a computer, you will not have to spend so much time for that. The parcel will arrive right in front of your house dramatically, and what you just have to do is click the page and type your address.


  Lamentably, it also has its drawback, an increasing number of grouped criminals are trying to take advantage of the aged and conned them into transferring their hard-earned savings to a nameless account. You don’t have to worry about that since there is a clue to tackle the problem. You have to install a software to prevent this from happening. Seldom do the software get break so it is definitely safe!


  Do you have a solid idea of using a computer now? Believe in me, getting a computer do more good than harm. Most importantly, if does not require a large amount of money, and it could let us to contact more. It is a win-win situation so I highly recommended to you but one and get online. I will also give you an endless support if you have any difficulty of using it. Hope to hear your good news next time, keep in touch!


Best Wishes,





Student Name: Li Ching Ngai                     Secondary Division II(S.4-S.6)


Topic 3. Your grandmother is un familiar with computers and has never been on the internet. Write a letter to convince her to get a computer and get online.


Dear my fellow Grandmother,

  How is your life in Canada? Can you adopt to the local lifestyle? It is a priceless chance for me to write to you after the exhausting final exam. Thus, I am very grateful. In fact, being your grandson, I really hope you can follow nowadays’ technology trend and reduce your burden. Therefore, I think using a computer and surf the internet would very suit with your need. It sounds odd, isn’t it? However, please kindly listen to my explanation first.


  First of all, the difficulties of communication can be eliminated through the usage of internet. There are several methods to communicate on the internet, take Facebook as an example, it facilitates people to share their experience or photos no matter where they are. In fact, we can chat online every day without waiting, I think you will prefer it, won’t you? Besides, the time, cost and waste by posting a letter will be avoided if you use the internet to chat with friends, relatives and me. Thus, you can have a better life without concerning communication problems.


  Next, the internet can provide the latest news with minimum delay. In Hong Kong, many media such as Apple Daily owns their website in order to compensate the low pace of printing newspaper with outdated news. I understand you still very concerned about the world’s movement, even though you may not able to travel around anymore. Hence, I recommend you to make good use of the internet so as to keep an eye on the world, and be aware of any latest information around you. As a result, you would be a smart elderly! A warm reminder, not only Hong Kong, but also the whole worlds (e.g. CNN, BBC) media have their own website, so you won’t need to worry about the variety of online news.


  Last but not least, the internet can also give you a helping hand to your daily life. Apart from a country’s government’s online service, many companies like DHL, HSBC and McDonald’s etc. have promoted online service to suit with the customers’ needs. Frankly, using these services, you didn’t need to be physical present to get the products you ordered or other requirements. Hence, you can just get your things done within a short period and readily if you use the internet. In addition, you can also enjoy your life more without too much concern on daily problems.

  I sincerely hope you would understand the advantages of making good use of the internet in order to provide a better life for you. If you want to ask more questions regarding the internet, feel free to call me. On the other hand, if you finally decide to make use of the internet, I will provide help and hints to you immediately. That’s all I want to share with you today, I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


Best regards,




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